BLACK INK PROJECT – 21st August 2016


This is an annual contest, world wide, “like” to vote and free to enter. The world decides who’s the best… TATTOO BODYSUIT DESIGNER!

To get your entry in, either submit your entry here, email a copy to or drop in to Underground Arts Tattoo Studio at 187 Vivian street, Wellington.

Entries need to be in by 1st October.

Bonus – all entries will receive the latest eBook from, which is part 1 of a 3 part series covering the history of Book 1 = The Past, Book 2 = The Present, Book 3 = The Future.

Watch Steve Maddock’s tattoo bodysuit entree time lapse for 2016.

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Previous Winners

Fusion from the Netherlands

Artist: Miep, Ron Rjiks,
Category: Fusion

Dick Jason Meijer Tattoo

Artist: Dick Jason Meijer,
Category: Contemporary

Bodysuit by Team Rob Duet

Artist: Cees Van Nobelen, Deniz Deniz, Po'oino Yrondi, Rob Deut,
Category: Roots

Fusion mystic

Artist: Ron Rjiks, Steve Maddock,
Category: Fusion

Neo Tribal

Artist: Craig D,
Category: Contemporary

Maori meets Celt

Artist: Tane Morgan,
Category: Roots

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