About us

Over the past 9 years Underground Arts in association with The National Tattoo Museum have created a system for designing tattoos that I believe will revolutionize tattoo design worldwide for the simple fact that it has the ability to multiply your art & all art in its template, see tattoobodyuits.com.

Ever had a bad tattoo? Ever had trouble communicating your idea for a tattoo with the tattooist or vice versa, well this is the answer you have been looking for.

How to design tattoos using the latest technology is as simple as downloading our “FREE” template *made to multiply, as it will multiply all art that fits in it. Templates are free from tattoobodysuits.com and all you need to start is a pen and our template. For best results: pen, pencil, rubber, scissors, photocopier (or access to one).

This will be most beneficial to all tattooists, artists or up and coming tattoo artists interested in the Tattoo Industry and works great too for customers after anything from a single dot to a full bodysuit.

We supply the largest range of Bodysuit Designs online. For any tattooists, “bodysuits” are the largest job and commitment. The artwork in the designed template creates the ability to multiply art put in the same shape, which means if you make money from your art your money can multiply like your art.
Underground Arts established in 1994 by multi award winning New Zealand tattoo artist Steve Maddock, who built and maintains the National Tattoo Museum of NZ established in 2001.
To see a bodysuit tattooed using this system, search for world’s biggest dragon tattoo on YouTube.

Here’s how it works

For tattooists:

  • Having potential to multiply your art gives you the ability to multiply your earnings and saves time and there’s the fact that all the bodysuits on tattoobodysuits.com are “MADE TO MULTIPLY” and they are updated regularly gives the user ultimate choice and is simple enough for customers to use too. Multiplying choices saves time. It gives your customer and artists/tattooist a better understanding of what they are after and where it will go on the body and the size as most will agree size and placement are 1/2 of any great tattoo and I like to do great work only 🙂 in less time than other methods.
  • There are free templates for professional tattoo studios worldwide. I’ve left a gap in the center for studios to put their studio branding etc. but please show some respect and leave the rest of the page as is.

For artists:

For Artists who like the art will find the multiplying factor* great for:

  • Tattoo designs: size and placement and quotes and colour coordination and layout. With no transfer this insures originality with each different artist’s tattoo or design. Not all tattooist can, for best results see our list of world class Artists we know are capable of working to this scale. If you are not on the list send us a photo or write saying why you should be. If we agree you are on, no cost. Tat2.co.nz@mail.com
  • Film designing
  • Fashion designing has just got another source for skin tight indigenous or contemporary designs, with artist’s contact details included.
  • Body painting, it helps if artist and model know what they are going to look like before staring which is invaluable for both and helps with the model’s performance.
  • Sportswear: show your clients a wide variety of combinations through mixing and matching using our template and website.
  • Advertising – giving the user the largest selection of choices that can be mixed and matched to suit individual tastes.
  • A list of artist contact on our directory on tattobodysuits.com
  • *Warning: May result in lots of work, only see a “professional tattoo artist” as recommended here.
  • Here is why it’s better to use than any other method at designing tattoos plus it multiplies all art in these templates because they are made to multiply.
  • You can cut and paste the arms/legs & torso multiplying your art, creating multiple choices for customers.
  • Ten of your drawings/paintings etc multiplied to a minimum of five bodysuit designs equals fifty.
  • If you buy one design form our site, that will multiply your total by five with every purchase from tattoobodysuits.com. Buy in bulk is cheapest.
  • Using this template daily has given me the ability to make over 1 trillion bodysuits combinations, every single one an original & any tattooist, artist, or smart creative people, who uses our “FREE” template will have the power to do this to.
  • If you become a member you get fifty bodysuits to multiply with any you create yourself. Why not download one now or enter our contest *links (click here to download??)

For customers:

  • Any tattoo is for life, so if you’re going to make f**ups , make them on paper.
  • A bodysuit is a life commitment so why not have a plan i.e. template to use. Using our “FREE” templates you can plan & see your ideasrealized instantly with a of established artists in this field.
  • Seeing it in front of you both allows for a more accurate tattoo path to follow & also allows you both to plan colours or not??