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The eBook! love to, and have always supported the National Tattoo Museum of New Zealand. 50% of sales from this issue will be donated to the National Tattoo Museum of New Zealand to help with bills and maintenance – Research displays, power, phone, internet and generally keeping doors open and “free to the public.”

This one book is designed to teach all artists how to multiply not only their artwork, but all art in the same template and all the templates are provided copyright free! Knowledge, tools and skills – all you need to create your own exponential art which can create exponential profits for any artists using this system and knowledge.

This first release is exclusively available from!

This ebook is 10+ years in the making!

Vol 1 = The Past, Vol 2 = The Present, Vol 3 = The Future

Vol 1 = The Past – This showcases the short history of from the beginning discovery & development of the system to providing the tools and knowledge to multiply your art with others. Chapter 2 provides the templates developed from this discovery.

Vol 2 = The Present – This showcases more art by Steve Maddock with our “made to multiply” templates copyright free! Chapter 3 has the roots of different cultures represented including Maori/Japanese/Celtic/Viking/Mesopotamia.

Vol 3 = The Future – Showcases the future uses we have discovered using this template in VR including Oculus Rift, Apps and more.

All entries into the Tattoo Bodysuit Contest will receive a copy of this eBook for free! Submit your entry now.

BONUS: For the Tattooist

For Tattoo Artists one of the biggest jobs you can do is a bodysuit. This system of design will help you land the big one and gives more options than any other single design! And 99% of designs can earn a professional Tattooist $10,000 – $100,000 (NZD) on “average” by my estimate. S.G. Maddock (Tattooist at Underground Arts – established 1994). Warning: A tattoo bodysuit is a whole different thing and should only be attempted by a very experienced and dedicated tattoo artist.

We aim to make this the first of many chapters that will cover all of the ways this system can work for you.

One of the ways “it works for you!”

Each new body of art in our free template adds to the total of combinations you can create. Each multiply to the power of five minimum! Every two bodies will put another zero on your total of combinations made possible. To discover who, what, when, where, then buy the book! It is all you need to boost your own skills and knowledge to create art that multiply exponentially.

Want more art to multiply in your template? Order the next book here for only $10! 50% of sales will be donated to the National Tattoo Museum of New Zealand. Bonus next issue featuring 10 years of bodysuit art by Steve Maddock showcasing 40 – 50 made to multiply bodysuits showing tattooing cultures. Chapter 3: Ancient/roots of tattoo art and Chapter 4: Contemporary art designs. All in our specifically designed template, made to multiply, by various artists.

BONUS: For the Customer

Using our free template allows you to make as many mistakes as you like before setting on your chosen design, and is the best and easiest way I’ve found to communicate with all customers, no matter what country they’re in or what language they speak. Size and placement is easily sorted with this template, free from the creators website (Steve Maddock)

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Included in this ebook:

  • Use our templates and learn how to use the tattoo bodysuit design system
  • Gain the knowledge, tools and skills you need to create your own exponential art
  • Learn how to multiply not only your artwork, but all art in the same template
  • Boost your own art combinations to millions
  • Get access to all the templates you need for free
  • All templates are “made to multiply”
  • Support the National Tattoo Museum of New Zealand
  • And much more!

All this for only “$10!” This system can be used in so many ways, you have nothing to lose!

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